Some services I can only provide on-site. No matter what you think about technology, social media and our high-speed world, personal face-to-face relationships are still vitally important to get strategy done. That hasn't changed in human history. Other services, such as mentoring and individual advice, I can provide anywhere as soon as we get to know each other. To that end, the first hour (over coffee if possible) is always free, you need to kick my tyres (figuratively)


Advice and Hands-on involvement

I can help you develop, and step through, a process to formulate and implement your strategy. This is best done on-site working with your key staff.

I popped out the end of my MBA, it completely transformed my view of the world. I discovered that to be successful it wasn’t about technology and finance as I thought, it was all about people.
— Lessons from a PhD

Strategy therapy

If you are tired of the overused and vapid strategy being sold, I can present a fresh view of strategy and help initiate a valuable strategy effort for your organisation. Think of it like retail therapy!

The typical strategy consultant arrives with no particular knowledge of the business; analyses the data; juggles a set of generic strategies; writes a report and, most importantly, submits an invoice and moves on to the next engagement.
— Mintzberg

Individual mentoring

I can help discuss strategy in general as well as providing a valuable sounding board for your own strategic management growth and development. I also love asking the "dumb" questions before someone else does!

How do I know what I think until I see what I say?
— E M Forster